A Cool Pen

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Sometime during the 2016 FRC season after we shipped the robot to St. Louis, I decided to practice my lathe skills by making something cool. So I made a pen.

A cool pen

The pen is comprised of 2 parts that are screwed together. I thought about making the threads on the lathe, but I didn't have the right tooling so I used a tap and die set instead. I designed the pen so that it would fit a Pilot G-2 ink cartridge and a spring.

It probably took around 5~10 hours to complete the pen. The hardest part was probably shaping the head of the pen, since I had to do it free hand (I always wished our highschool shop had a CNC lathe, but we were already spoiled enough with a CNC mill). Making the threads was hard too, since it required a lot more torque than I expected.