Towaki Takikawa

I am a first-year Computer Science PhD student at the University of Toronto, supervised by Sanja Fidler and Alec Jacobson.

I also work as a Research Scientist at NVIDIA Research on the Hyperscale Graphics Systems Research group.

My research interests focus on computer graphics and machine learning. Specifically, I'm interested in exploring a suitable representation for 3D geometry that is amenable to machine-learning driven geometry processing algorithms.

Outside of research, I also have experience working on both software and hardware for robotics related projects. I generally enjoy straddling the line between research and engineering.

I come from a small town in Oregon named Corvallis, but these days I hang out in Canada.

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University of Toronto
Department of Computer Science
PhD Student
Computer Science
September 2020 -
Supervisors: Sanja Fidler and Alec Jacobson

University of Waterloo
Faculty of Mathematics
Bachelor of Mathematics
Major in Computer Science
September, 2016 - May, 2020


Neural Geometric Level of Detail: Real-time Rendering with Implicit 3D Shapes
Towaki Takikawa*, Joey Litalien*, Kangxue Yin, Karsten Kreis, Charles Loop, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Alec Jacobson, Morgan McGuire, Sanja Fidler
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021
Oral Presentation
Project Website / Code / Video / Bibtex

A 3D Signed Distance Function Dataset
Towaki Takikawa, Andrew Glassner, Morgan McGuire
Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques (JCGT), 2021
Website and code coming soon!

Gated-SCNN: Gated Shape CNNs for Semantic Segmentation
Towaki Takikawa*, David Acuna*, Varun Jampani, Sanja Fidler
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019
Project Website / Code / Bibtex


Research Scientist
Toronto, ON, Canada
February, 2021 - Present

Manager: David Luebke
Hyperscale Graphics Systems Research group.


Research Scientist Intern
Toronto, ON, Canada
February, 2020 - February 2021

Mentor: Morgan McGuire
Research on neural implicit surface representations.


Software Director / Mentor
Waterloo, ON, Canada
May, 2017 - May, 2020

Helping the team engineer a fully autonomous Cheverolet Bolt.
Certified by GM as a designated test driver.
Working across the pipeline on perception, prediction, localization, planning.
Managing over 100+ students and 6 different software subteams.


Preferred Networks
Research Intern
Tokyo, Japan
May, 2019 - August, 2019

Mentor: Richard Calland, Tommi Kerola
Research on weakly-supervised instance segmentation.


Research Intern
Toronto, ON, Canada
January, 2019 - April, 2019

Mentor: David Acuna, Sanja Fidler
Research on representation learning for semantic segmentation.


University of Waterloo
Research Assistant
Waterloo, ON, Canada
September, 2018 - May, 2020

Mentor: Yuri Boykov
Research on weakly-supervised semantic segmentation and domain adaptation.


Systems Software Engineering Intern
Santa Clara, CA, USA
May, 2018 - August, 2018

Worked in the autonomous vehicles engineering team.
Developed data labeling and data recording systems in C / C++.
Performed hardware verification and validation in the lab.
Helped architect a hardware-based sensor synchronization system.


Tulip Interfaces
Software Engineering Intern
Somerville, MA, USA
May, 2017 - August, 2017

Worked on software infrastructure and internal tools.


Software Engineering Intern
Philomath, OR, USA
June, 2016 - August, 2016

Worked on software infrastructure and backend development.


Linn Benton Community College
Software Engineering Intern
Corvallis, OR, USA
June, 2015 - August, 2015

Worked on curriculum development for an introductory CS course.


Oregon State University
Research Intern
Corvallis, OR, USA
June, 2014 - August, 2014

Mentor: Alex Groce
Research in automated software verification and validation.

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